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Toonapp allows you to draw yourself in just one swipe! Toonapp is the best cartoon creation app, featuring a variety of cartoon app effects and lovely photo filters. With AI filters, it’s really simple to turn photographs into fantastic cartoons. In just one swipe, you may create amusing avatars and even attractive anime characters. Convert photos into watercolor paintings and pencil sketches. Find a plethora of digital art effects, toon backdrops, and eye-catching layout alternatives. Thanks to Toonapp, the greatest and free cartoon picture editor ever, your cartoonized photos will seem like professional drawings!



You can cartoonize photos like a pro thanks to its simple UI. Let the show begin by selecting a photograph from your collection or taking a great selfie. Our intelligent AI cartoon filters will recognize your photos and instantly transform them into entertaining cartoons. You’ll be astounded at how quickly toon maker can cartoonize photos. To amaze your friends and followers, create realistic avatars, memes, and animations and publish them on your social networking profiles. To bring out your inner artist, experiment with cartoon face filters and digital art effects.

Toonapp has several vector arts effects, oil painting filters, and sketch art in addition to cartoon face filters. You may add spectacular drip effects, neon spirals, and forms to your artworks after you’ve created realistic cartoons and sketches. To improve your photo editing experience, use portrait mode, and no-crop size settings. The text should be added, the backdrop should be removed, and the brightness and saturation should be adjusted. To edit images in a fun and quick way, try out artistic brush effects and selfie camera filters. Toonapp is without a doubt the best cartoon photo editor: give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


SellerLyrebird Studios
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 or greater
iOS 11.0 or greater
Content RatingEveryone
CategoryPhoto & Video



  • Big Head Challenge: Easily get in on the latest Instagram photo altering craze! Cartoonize photos with a single tap, then select a fantastic cartoon body to complete caricature editing. You’ll be able to create fantastic caricatures with large heads. The size of your head is easily adjustable. To be featured on Instagram, create great cartoons with giant heads and use the hashtag #BigHeadChallenge.
  • AI cartoon photo editor: Toon app caricature generator comes with all the amazing picture altering tools you’ll need to toonify. To toon up, first choose a fantastic image from your photo lab or take a selfie with Toonapp’s cartoon camera. Avatar creator provides digital art filters that allow you to freely caricature yourself and avatarify your amazing photo. Now is the time to check out the fantastic cartoon face filters for photographs and cartoonify your photos! You can even add speech balloons to your avatar using the comic maker. The AI cartoon filter in Anime Photo Editor is the greatest I’ve ever seen.
  • Trendy Drip Effect: Use the stunning dripping effects to unleash your creativity. Thanks to the comic maker, you may create a Photoshop effect in seconds. Simply obscure the background or replace it with a fantastic anime background image, and you’re done! The toon me filter can be combined with a variety of beautiful dripping effects.
  • Magic Brush Effect: Toonapp’s cartoon editor’s portrait mode complements the brush effect wonderfully. It’s the most user-friendly profile picture maker ever. Then you may utilize the cartoon picture editor’s photo effects like a luminous heart, a star, and a color splash! Use a cartoon portrait editor and a fun cartoon maker on your lovely photo for epic photo editing, and voila!
  • Toon Backgrounds and Layouts: The Toonapp photo editor removes the background automatically, allowing you to choose a fantastic new one! The use of perplexing backgrounds elevates your photo art experience. Simply click on toon me to avatarize and toonify yourself, then add a fantastic toon background for a fantastic profile photo, and voilĂ . For the enormous head difficulty, Toonapp even gives a large variety of bodies!
  • Amazing Photo Filters: Many vectors art effects, oil painting filters, and sketch art are available in addition to cartoon face filters! Beautiful picture editor that turns your photo into a painting or a bitmoji!
  • Selfie Camera Effects: Toon is the best face app, offering spectacular selfie camera filters and effects for creating animation! To enhance your photo, use the cartoon camera effects and take a selfie. With the avatar builder, you can transform your selfies into a beautiful cartoon visage.



  1. You must first download and install the Toon app from your phone’s play store or app store in order to produce a caricature of any image.
  2. Then, on your phone, open the Toon app.
  3. The app will ask for permission to view the photographs stored on your phone’s storage. Allow the app to access your storage.
  4. Now you can alter and animate any image you desire.
  5. The image will deteriorate into a caricature.
  6. You may personalize it by making a few changes. Save it once you’ve decided you like it.
  7. You can share your image and enjoy!


  • Does Toonapp cost money?
    • You may subscribe to receive an ad-free experience as well as access to all of Toonapp’s fun cartoon filters, upgrades, and other wonderful features. Subscriptions are automatically renewed and billed on a weekly basis.
  • Is it user-friendly?
    • It’s user-friendly, so if you’re just getting started with photo editing or are unfamiliar with photo editing software, this will make things easier to understand.
  • Can I share the edited images directly to social media profile?
    • yes, your animated images can be shared on your social media accounts like on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Flickr, TikTok, Pinterest, and even on Tumblr.
  • Can I use Toonapp on the PC?
    • Yes, you can easily download an emulator to use Toon app on pc.
  • How to use Toonapp trending background body image?
    • The background feature of the Toon app is an intriguing feature since users may entirely remove the background of their selfies using the magic brush effect.